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Queen City Fintech

Queen City Fintech is a 12 week, on site accelerator based in Charlotte, NC. As a seed-staged accelerator, QCF provides valuable insights and connections into the global fintech industry via mentors and partners. Sponsored by some of the top banks in the world, QCF provides valuable opportunity to any fintech looking to grow.

Queen City Insurtech​

Queen City Insurtech runs in parallel with Queen City Fintech, but provides more focused value to companies within the insurtech industry.  Supported by leaders in the insurance space, QCI provides greater opportunity to run pilots and POC's for insurtech startups.

Queen City Healthtech

Queen City Healthtech is an additional  focus in RevTech Lab's accelerator program with a narrow focus on startups developing innovative healthcare technology.  With an fast growing list of partners and mentors, QCH provides opportunity for start ups to be on the forefront of innovation within healthcare.

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IBM Hyper Protect

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RevTech Labs has partnered with IBM to offer a 2-phase accelerator program in Charlotte to early-stage fintech and healthtech founders from around the world to build world-class applications and technical solutions.  This program features both a physical and virtual aspect, and places an emphasis on data security through the use of IBM's Hyper Protect technology.

International Landing Pad 

RevTech Labs International Landing Pad is a new financial technology accelerator for international companies entering the U.S. marketplace. The focus is on later-stage companies with advanced financial technology and are internationally headquartered in Europe and Asia.