Class 17 Companies:

Credit companies spend a lot of resources to get to know you, so they can determine if you are creditworthy or not, especially if you don’t have a credit score or history. Nufi solves this problem by validating the identity of any Mexican person or company in less than 5 minutes, enabling credit companies to take a quick yes / no decision.


Carta for music publishing royalties. We help stakeholders manage equity in their publishing catalog and collect royalties from 193 territories around the world.



AleFi is a social investing platform for new and future retail investors to discover high return credible investors. 

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Optikal Care Inc

Optikal is a contact care subscription service & voluntary employee benefit which breaks down the high cost of contact care through payroll deductions.



SmartRIA is a compliance software as a service platform for financial services. We differentiate ourselves by solving more compliance problems in a single platform than do our competitors, and by continuously working to make our customer experience better


DraftFuel Inc

DraftFuel is a brand new bankroll management app that allows you to use the DraftFuel Discover® Prepaid Card to fund your favorite sportsbook, online casino, and daily fantasy sports accounts without breaking the bank.

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RMI Insights

RMI Insights is a comprehensive financial modeling automation platform for accounting firms, small businesses, CFOs and institutional capital.



Habidatum provides location risk scoring integrated in CRE investment, lending and insurance models.



LEDGERSYNC offers software for Accountants and Bookkeepers allowing them to automatically sync all their client’s financial transactions in one place. 


AssetVault Limited

AssetVault (parent company) is a UK based FinTech company with London HQ backed by Techstars.

The parent company offers comprehensive protection products – digital asset catalogue, insurance suite, one-click claims and a dynamic digital eWill™.



 Reeske is a B2B2C cloud-based platform that empowers B2C FinTech companies to offer digital income protection insurance supported by an AI-based engagement solution using contextual data.



RemitRix helps Actuaries, CFOs and Risk Managers at insurance companies to manage and predict capital through compliant, accurate and cost saving methods.

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Tax Titans 

Tax Titans business will provide a platform for small businesses (32M) to receive bids/quotes from qualified and vetted tax professionals.

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