Here's Who's Pitching

Capital Markets Committee Room

Wealth Management + Personal Finance

0:25: Dorado
15:05: Access Square
30:59: DraftFuel
46:26: RMI Insights
1:11:42: Data Mynt
1:26:19: Coinroll
1:40:34: TheWallTrip


0:04: Tax Titans
16:10: AleFi
32:44: Ledgersync
47:50: Frizzmo
1:12:10: Our Leg Up
1:24:18: TelePresence Group
1:39:58: AssetVault Limited

Addmin's Pre-recorded Session

Insurtech Committee Room

0:02: RemitRix
15:31: ClickNow



0:01: Interclear
16:42: Habidatum
47:10: Playfora
58:46: Aurign
1:14:54: CashQ Money Transfer
1:29:06: Thola Inc


00:49: Smart RIA
14:08: Reeske
29:48: Small Joys
44:22: Optikal Care Inc
58:52: Xiggit
1:12:57: InterGen Data


Class 17 Companies:

Dorado, 08/02, 1:30pm

Dorado makes it easy to invest in digital assets through an IRA or savings account. Earn rewards for saving, automate your contributions, and compound your gains tax-advantageously.


DraftFuel, 08/02, 2:00pm

DraftFuel is a brand new bankroll management app that allows you to use the DraftFuel Discover® Prepaid Card to fund your favorite sportsbook, online casino, and daily fantasy sports accounts without breaking the bank.

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Draft Fuel.png

Data Mynt Inc, 08/02, 2:40pm

Data Mynt solves stable crypto checkout & payments across all blockchains, scaling solutions, Metaverse ecosystems, CBDCs, cryptos, stablecoins, and in person & online seller experiences.

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Data Mynt.png

Access Square, 08/02, 1:45pm

Access Square is B2B platform focused on improving the value position in direct corporate access. We help professional investors with due diligence process by facilitating events with management of publicly traded companies.

Access Square.png

RMI Insights, 08/02, 2:15pm

RMI Insights is a comprehensive financial modeling automation platform for accounting firms, small businesses, CFOs and institutional capital.


Coinroll, 08/02, 2:55pm

We facilitate full cycle digital investments for institutional investors - via white label process. We provide, staking, tracking/analytical tools, hedge fund, lending, and a simplified user experience.


The WallTrip, 08/02, 3:10pm

The WallTrip helps travelers with their buying experience to get their flight tickets at the desired budget, reducing friction and intermediaries in a more profitable and transparent market using our robot buyer.  



Interclear, 08/02, 1:30pm

We create cloud-based tools for banks in emerging markets to use internal data to better understand, segment and manage balance sheet risks. 


Habidatum, 08/02, 1:45pm

Habidatum provides location risk scoring integrated in CRE investment, lending and insurance models.

Habidatum.png, 08/02, 2:00pm

Credit companies spend a lot of resources to get to know you, so they can determine if you are creditworthy or not, especially if you don’t have a credit score or history. Nufi solves this problem by validating the identity of any Mexican person or company in less than 5 minutes, enabling credit companies to take a quick yes / no decision.

Playfora, 08/02, 2:15pm

Playfora is an open platform that streamlines the management of money for consumers who collect payments for group activities. Playfora reduces the time consumers spend collecting payments by 80%.


Aurign, 08/02, 2:40pm

Carta for music publishing royalties. We help stakeholders manage equity in their publishing catalog and collect royalties from 193 territories around the world.

CashQ Money Transfer, 08/02,  2:55pm

CashQ platform facilitates international bank cards networks, e-wallets, and challenger banks to provide single-point access to the global financial ecosystem and build network rails for instant money transfer new generation.

Cash Q Money Transfer.png

Thola Inc, 08/02, 3:10pm

Thola is simplifying peer-to-peer lending for small businesses - currently focused on organic packaged consumer goods producers/businesses, by creating an infrastructure that enables a community of people to provide equity, interest and collateral-free patient capital to businesses, tied to future product sales revenues.

Thola Inc.png

Wealth Management/Personal Finance

Addmin, 08/02, Pre-Recorded

At Addmin, we transform your input management into an automated and stress-free part of your day by simplifying the centralisation, processing and classification of all your most important documents with the cheapest, most private and confidential solution you will ever find.

AleFi, 08/02, 1:45pm


AleFi is a social investing platform for new and future retail investors to discover high return credible investors. 

Alefi pic .png

Frizzmo, 08/02, 2:15pm

Frizzmo’s convenient fundraising solution offers the easiest way to teach children financial literacy skills and raise classroom funds.

Frizzmo .png

TelePresence, 08/02, 2:55pm

Integrated Smart One on One personalized Web Conferencing solution with 100% web based solution. We are digitizing all interactions between the client and host and providing searchable content (through transcription and Artificial Intelligence) to allow compliance teams easy e-Discovery access.


Tax Titans, 08/02, 1:30pm

Tax Titans business will provide a platform for small businesses (32M) to receive bids/quotes from qualified and vetted tax professionals.

Tax Titans.png

Ledgersync, 08/02, 2:00pm

LEDGERSYNC offers software for Accountants and Bookkeepers allowing them to automatically sync all their client’s financial transactions in one place. 


Our Leg Up is on a mission to leverage and sustain wealth to build equality. For aspiring homeowners with a low deposit (e.g., 5%) we help them purchase a property five years faster. For established homeowners, they can now earn a return on inaccessible real estate equity without any cash outlay.

Our Leg Up, 08/02, 2:40pm

Our Leg Up.png

AssetVault Limited, 08/02, 3:10pm

AssetVault (parent company) is a UK based FinTech company with London HQ backed by Techstars.

The parent company offers comprehensive protection products – digital asset catalogue, insurance suite, one-click claims and a dynamic digital eWill™.



RemitRix, 08/02, 1:30pm

RemitRix helps Actuaries, CFOs and Risk Managers at insurance companies to manage and predict capital through compliant, accurate and cost saving methods.


SmartRIA, 08/02, 2:00pm

SmartRIA is a compliance software as a service platform for financial services. We differentiate ourselves by solving more compliance problems in a single platform than do our competitors, and by continuously working to make our customer experience bette


Small Joys, 08/02, 2:40pm

We integrate behavioral health support within primary care pediatric practices using collaborative care insurance reimbursements.

Small Joys.png

Xiggit, 08/02, 3:10pm

Xiggit reinvents access to health, retirement, and savings benefits to help financially vulnerable people improve their financial outlook. Xiggit provides curated benefits that are 'individual' but packaged for the millions of small business employers.


ClickNow LTD, 08/02, 1:45pm


Reeske, 08/02, 2:15pm

 Reeske is a B2B2C cloud-based platform that empowers B2C FinTech companies to offer digital income protection insurance supported by an AI-based engagement solution using contextual data.


Optikal Care Inc, 08/02, 2:55pm

Optikal is a contact care subscription service & voluntary employee benefit which breaks down the high cost of contact care through payroll deductions.


InterGen Data, 08/02, 3:25pm

We predict What is likely to happen, When it could occur, and How much of a financial impact that they would have on our users from a health and wealth perspective. We help these users pinpoint gaps, find hidden risks, and uncover opportunities that exist within every recommendation, portfolio, and financial plan.

InterGen Data.png