Class 15 - Selection Day Finalists

Here's Who's Pitching

Day 1: Fintech Companies:

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Dandelion, 8/2 at 1:40p

Paperstac, 8/2 at 2p

We have designed a client-led blockchain (through a transaction-linked directed acyclic graph) which eliminates several major blockchain limitations, particularly enabling parallel transacting, near-real-time clearing and settling activities, and more reliable consensus algorithms. 

Paperstac is changing the way mortgage notes (home loans) are bought and sold. Our retail marketplace has over 8,000 registered buyers and sellers, generating over $30K in monthly revenue and is growing 133% Year-Over-Year.

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Storspay, 8/2 at 2:40p

StorsApp Pay (Storspay) is a payments platform for merchants to receive payments in fiat and crypto from consumers. 

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Cambio, 8/2 at 3:20p

Cambio aims to help the 12 million 18-45 year old underserved and credit invisible Americans who have no access to quality credit or a bank account. 


Hire And Fire Your Kids, 8/2 at 4:20p

Hire and Fire Your Kids is a mobile and web based application that helps parents reduce family friction and prepares their kids with household responsibilities, money management and life skills for a successful future.

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Otomo, 8/2 at 3p

Otomo is a white label personal cash management solution for banks and fintechs that combines AI with hyper-personalization to serve consumers on an individualized basis at scale.

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HomeTraq, 8/2 at 4p

HomeTraq is a three sided marketplace between homebuyers, real estate buyers agents, and banks.

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Truelytics, 8/2 at 4:40p

Truelytics' Advisor Transition Management Platform is the first end-to-end data-driven system to help wealth management and insurance enterprises attract, grow, and retain advisory businesses while also reducing the costs related to transitions.


Day 2: Fintech Companies:

GoBeep 8/3 at 9:00a

Solid Block, 8/3 at 9:20a

We deliver a consumer data platform that allows consumers to share and revoke their privacy with companies, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

Solid Block is tranforming property into tradeable financial product.

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ESG Analytics 8/3 at 9:40a

Using public data, ESG Analytics has built a platform, API and models to infer ESG factors for companies, countries and investment funds, providing an outside in perspective with broad, timely coverage.


Tap2Pay, 8/3 at 10:20a

Tap2Pay is the platform for accepting online payments in all channels: merchant's website, social media, messengers. It provides smooth and secure, omnichannel customer experience in 2 clicks.


GuardianWealth, 8/3 at 10:40a

We are leveraging technology to make financial planning more accessible and affordable. We’ve built an all-in-one personal finance app that combines a digital financial planner with a comprehensive set of financial planning tools. 

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Pre Rec, 8/3 at 11a

Pre Rec is a fixed income search & surveillance platform powered by recommendation technologies

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Pay Tgthr, 8/3 at 11:20a

Pay Tgthr is developing a transaction workflow engine that enables consumer groups to automatically split and reroute purchases among their existing financial accounts.

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Day 3: Insurtech Companies:

RemitRix, 8/4 at 1:40p

RemitRix helps Actuaries, CFOs and Risk Managers at insurance companies to manage and predict capital through compliant, accurate and cost saving methods.

Bob Trak, 8/4 at 2p

BobTrak makes enterprise software for insurance carriers and large brokers that will manage, process, aggregate, incent, and analyze distribution channel data. In addition, BobTrak also makes an agency-focused product for use in forecasting, revenue reconciliation, and analytics. We believe that carriers and distributors will see top and bottom line improvement using BobTrak.

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Risk Priorities, 8/4 at 2:40p

Risk Priorities provides organizations in regulated industries with the world's first ecosystem to manage their regulatory encounters through a B2B enterprise software as a service. 

ClaimEdge, 8/4 at 3p

Claimedge is a SaaS workroom where all legal documents, phone conversations, notes, emails and anything else pertaining to the litigated claim is kept in one place. 


SPOKK, 8/4 at 3:20p

SPOKK is a fully digital insurance platform for buying, claiming and managing insurance policies and "mobile-only" insurance provider offering affordable microinsurance products with full scope of services online. 

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DigsFact, 8/4 at 4p

DigsFact’s proprietary, patent-pending technology turns unstructured photos into a complete digital twin that allows you to take measurements from a digital photo and analyze 2D and 3D sketches and drawings showing accurate measurements.

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KWEMA, 8/4 at 4:20p

Kwema is the Onstar meets EZ-Pass for employee safety using a smart badge.


Augurisk, 8/4 at 4:40p

Augurisk help people and businesses better prepare for societal and disaster risk

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How to Evaluate

Take notes on each company in the following categories: 

  • Concept + Vision 
  • Team 

  • Market

  • Competition 

  • Technology/IP 

  • Progress + Traction

  • Go to Market

  • Revenue Model


Consolidate thoughts and enter value for each company (integer between 1 and 5) during internal debriefs 


Compare notes during the final debrief and complete the Evaluation Form. 

Please submit only 1 Evaluation Form per company!


RevTech Labs will aggregate values and determine final strength of the business and where each company stacks up relative to the candidate pool.