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thought leadership.

Check out RevTech Labs in the news and the great thought leadership pieces produced in partnership with our key sponsors. 

Founder Friday, with truelytics.

Meet RevTech Labs Class 15 Founder, Jeremi Karnell. Jeremi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Truelytics. Truelytics is the first end-to-end data-driven system to help wealth management and insurance enterprises attract, grow, and retain advisory businesses while also reducing the costs related to transitions. Hear more about Truelytics and what they're hoping to get out of RevTech Labs Fintech and Insurtech Accelerator.

one for all and all for one.

How do rapidly rising fintech ecosystems band together and help each other compliment legacy eco-systems like London or NYC. Is global interconnectedness now the coin of the realm and the differentiator of the future winning ecosystems? In partnership with Fintech Scotland, Cognizant, and Finsiders, RevTech Labs hosted a panel discussion to address global interconnectedness and the importance of fintech communities across the globe banning together. Joining us on the panel are Daniel Meere, VP of Consulting Banking & Financial Services at Cognizant, and Dan Roselli, Founder of Revtech Labs, and Stephen Ingledew, Chairman and former CEO of Fintech Scotland.

the rise of Contactless payments.

KPMG, RevTech Labs and payCLT have partnered together to host an all star panel discussion on the rise of contactless payments amid the COVID19 pandemic.

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