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At RevTech Labs, we are focused on actively addressing the lack of diversity in fintech and insurtech startups. Our new Traditionally Underrepresented Founders program is strategically focused on uplifting Founders of Color and Female Founders by giving them access to the capital, network and resources made abundantly available to white, male tech Founders.

Program Partners


• RTL brings in potential companies based on strategic interest areas of the Partner

• RTL is responsible for running the traditional accelerator program support

• RTL and Sponsor award startup with a non-dilutive Fellowship grant

• Partner is involved in semi-final selection of top 3-4 companies but has access to the entire candidate pool

• Partner makes final selection of company with input and advice from RTL team

• Partner provides Advisory Board member for the company

• Partner establishes how they want to support selected company and how they get visibility and support from their company

• Partner is responsible for helping promote open applications and announcement of selected company via their marketing channels 


If you are a Founder of Color or Female Founder of an insurtech or fintech startup, and you're looking to rapidly grow and scale your business this program is the perfect partnership! We provide our Founders with a robust mentor and investor network, and the business resources that are proven to help Founders reach critical velocity in their business. Applications are now open!

RevTech Labs Toolbox 

Advisory Boards

QC Fintech matches Founders with 10 - 12 SMEs to discuss overall strategy, product development & other growth opportunities. 

Alpha Labs

This is RevTech Lab's proprietary alpha testing platform. Twice per year, we match founders with alpha users in their target market to provide feedback and share ideas based on their user experience testing the founder's platform for 4-6 weeks.

Mentor Platform

QC Fintech has a robust network of over 500 high-level decision-makers & C-suite executives to mentor our Founders. Our mentor matching system places Founders with the exact subject matter expertise they need to take their business to the next level.

Discovery Labs

This is RevTech Lab's proprietary pilot testing program. We match founders with companies that will either provide POC or customer discovery feedback or, if the startup is far along enough, will fully pilot their solution. 

Our Partnership Network

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