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revtech labs foundation.

The RevTech Labs Foundation is the bridge to growth and success for fintech and insurtech startup Founders. Our mission is to maximize the probability of success for high-potential startups by providing funding, a customized program and a robust network of executives, innovators and subject matter experts. The Founder, and their success, is at the heart of everything we do. 

foundation overview.

strong numbers.


survival rate of alumni companies 




alumni companies 

executive mentors 

vc firm partners


jobs created 

$2 Billion

raised capital


of alumni companies are founded by a female or founder of color


Fintech + Insurtech Accelerator

A hybrid,14-week program for post-revenue, post-growth fintech and insurtech startups based anywhere in the world. Founders work with their Board of Advisors and SME mentors on the customized roadmap created in collaboration with the RevTech Labs Program Team. 

International Landing Pad

A yearlong program for international, Series A fintech and insurtech startups. This program only accepts 2 - 3 companies once a year with a hyper-focus on breaking into the U.S. marketplace and building out customer pipeline. 


Charlotte community tech breakfasts

The goal of the Charlotte Community Tech Breakfast is to pull together the individuals and groups working on building and growing tech talent in the Charlotte region.

Quarterly insurtech meetups

Each quarter the RevTech Labs Foundation hosts an insurtech meetup on emerging topics in the insurance industry. Each event spotlights some of the industry's top leaders and innovators to lead an engaging conversation with attendees. Each quarter these meetups bring together people from around the country to build and develop the insurtech ecosystem. 

get involved.

If you're looking to learn more about the Foundation, the work we do, the programs we offer and how to get involved get in touch with us today!

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