The Founder is at the heart of everything we do. The RevTech Labs Foundation hosts an accelerator program, twice a year, for post-revenue, post-growth fintech and insurtech startups. Our program isn't a cookie-cutter experience, our Founders work with the Program Team to build a customized road map based on their unique goals and objectives. During the 14-weeks of the program, our Founders work with their Advisory Board and mentors on their road map objectives, while receiving funding from our venture firm. The RevTech Labs Accelerator provides Founders with the resources, connections and funding necessary to help them scale and succeed well-beyond our program. 

Increasing the probability of success.

roadmap to success.

Founders take part in a series of 15 - 20 minute screening calls, first with a Business Analyst then with RTL's Executive Leadership.

Founders complete online application. Applications open only twice a year, December - February and May - August.

Finalists for the program will then get 15 minutes with our network of corporate partners and key investors to pitch their company and take live Q&A.

Upon acceptance into the program, Founders will finalize the terms of their contract with the Venture Team while working with the Program Team through the onboarding process.

Founders will work with RTL Program Team and their assigned Advisor Chair to build their customized roadmap for the next 14 weeks. 

With one week until the official start of the program and a finalized roadmap, all Founders will take part in the Mentor Matching Event, with our extensive network of executives and SMEs. 

Official start of the program! With Week 1 and 2 being fully virtual, the program will focus on onboarding Founders to key programs and introductions to key partners as well as developing a comradery among the cohort.

At Week 3 we'll host all Founders in person in Charlotte, NC. With their first advisory board meeting and our celebratory Welcome Party. 

During the mid-point of the program, we host a New York Roadshow where we'll reconvene the class in NYC for additional networking and visibility opportunities. 

At this point in the program is when Founders will begin working on their sprints, which are developed and outlined within their Custom Roadmap. 

The capstone of the program will bring Founders back to Charlotte to present at and participate in one of RevTech Labs' Marquee Conferences. 

grow + scale together.

If you're a Fintech or Insurtech startup Founder looking to grow and scale your business among a community of other Founders?