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RevTech Labs' specializes in creating world-class events and content for the healthcare industry, specifically focusing on new and emerging technologies leading to the advancement of the industry as a whole. As the company's experience grew within fintech and insurtech, we saw a real opportunity to merge into the healthtech vertical, and take our learnings and skills to create some of the industry's most engaging events.

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Each year, RevTech Labs produces some of healthtech's most well-attended conferences - the Health Innovation Summit in September and Venture135 in November. The programming for each is uniquely different, offering attendees an event experience the delivers real impact and showcasing RevTech Labs' out-of-the-box thinking. 


Health Innovation Summit

Bringing together industry experts and innovators from across the country to discuss some of the most disruptive topics, emerging trends and the future of health.


An exclusive venture conference focused on facilitating high-quality deal flow and innovation for key corporate clients and VC partners.

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