Business Consultation

Mentor Network.

Ground Floor Impact 

A major component of all of our programs is mentorship - connecting our extensive network of executives, innovators and subject matter experts with our Founders. We believe that forging these one-on-one relationships does more than just transfer knowledge and skills, but enhances startup success and growth exponentially. 

Becoming a Mentor




Complete the Application

If you're interested in becoming a mentor complete the application and our Program Manager will connect with you shortly after.

Attend Welcome Party

At the start of each Cohort we host a Welcome Party, where our mentor network hears the 90-second company pitch and mentor needs from each of our Founders. 

Match on CrowdWorks

You'll then join our robust mentor network platform where you will be strategically matched with Founders or you can directly connect with Founders you are personally interested in. 

Types of Mentors

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Subject Matter Experts


Meet 1:1 with founders (virtually)

Responsible for providing advice and/or connections

Founders should have specific goals and/or asks for you


Attend 3 advisory board meetings


First meeting is 2 hours; 2nd and 3rd are 90 minutes


First meeting: investment-ready due diligence review


These mentors have expertise in a specific field, ex: finance, insurance, investment, etc.


Can cross-over with core competency mentors

Core Competencies 

These mentors have expertise in a specific knowledge area, ex: sales, marketing, operations, etc.


Knowledge is not limited to specific vertical, though there can be cross-over

Our Mentor Platform

We have partnered with CrowdWorks to develop a robust and dynamic platform to connect our mentors with our Founders. Once you have joined our mentor network you will be sent an invitation to build your profile on our platform. 

Once set up on the platform you will be strategically matched with Founders based on your expertise and a Founders given mentor needs. You will also have the opportunity to directly connect with any startups you are interested in regardless of direct matching. 

Best Practices

Attend our Welcome Party, pitching events and final Demo Day

Provide direct, straight-forward feedback and remember, it's okay to say 'I don't know'

Communicate! Respond as promptly as possible, stay connected and in the loop until a call or meeting has been made and stay up-to-date on what's happening with Founders you've connected with. 

Strive to build long-term relationships