Packard Place.

An Entrepreneurial Hub

Founded in 2010, Packard Place was built to serve as a hub for like-minded entrepreneurs sharing skills and business opportunities in Charlotte. It is a community center, at the heart of the city, for entrepreneurial activity. It provides access to technology, education and assistance to help businesses and startups design, build, market and deliver innovation. 

Packard Place sold in 2021, but RevTech Labs and RevTech Labs Foundation continues to build on the work and legacy of Packard Place, helping to elevate Charlotte and the mission of 

Community Events

Jobs Created

International Entrepreneurs


Beers Poured

Packard Place Initiatives 


Packard Place's Fellowship allow new Founders to become part of Charlotte's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Fellowships are given to startup founders in order to help them launch their business. The program is about building a strong community, and increasing diversity and representation of commonly underrepresented founders in our space.

Art Gallery

Packard Place incorporated an art gallery into the design and layout of their main floor in an effort to support and highlight local artists. 

Unlearning Series

A monthly event series, focused on facilitating uncomfortable conversations on topics that bridge the gap between individuals with diverse backgrounds and opinions.