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QC Fintech.

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QC Fintech offers fintech startups access to a network of over 800 world-class mentors, over 200 venture partners, some of the world's leading financial services organizations and capital infusion. Our focus is on elevating the companies that come through our program with essential learning opportunities and connecting them with the right operators. QC Fintech offers two different tracks.



This is a 12-week long program designed for post-launch, post-revenue fintech startups. Each Founder receives intensive mentorship from leading bank executives, business development professionals, attorneys and venture capitalists. 

Accepted companies receive an upfront capital infusion of at least $40,000 with the potential for follow-on funding for the top performers in the program.

From anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

International Landing Pad 

The focus is to establish a framework for overseas companies’ successful foundation in the United States. This includes a connection to our partners in sales, marketing, accounting, and law to provide their respective services to these arriving companies.

Areas of Focus

QC Fintech selects companies with technology or customer acquisition models strategically aligned with our partners. For that reason, we maintain a wide definition of 'fintech'. Here are some segments of the broader fintech sector we find interesting:

  • Cybersecurity 

  • Regtech 

  • Payments

  • Specialty Lending

  • Capital Markets

  • Blockchain

  • Cryptocurrency 

  • Banking Saas/Paas Solutions

  • Digital Identity 

  • B2B2C Financial Tools 

  • Big Data Analytics 

  • Machine Learning & AI

  • Enterprise Software

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

  • Personal Finance 

  • Investtech

QC Fintech Toolbox 

Advisory Boards

QC Fintech matches Founders with 10 - 12 SMEs to discuss overall strategy, product development & other growth opportunities. 

Presenting at Conferences

The capstone of our accelerator program is our Demo Day, which takes place on the stage on of the premier conferences in the US. Depending on the cohort Founders present at Fintech Generations or Venture135. 

Mentor Platform

QC Fintech has a robust network of over 800 high-level decision-makers & C-suite executives to mentor our Founders. Founders have access to our private mentor platform that strategically connects them to subject matter experts and advisors through the duration of the program and even post-program.

Private Pitch Parties

RevTech Labs hosts private pitch parties for our large corporate partners, where program founders can present to members of their organizations. 

Application Timelime

Step 1: Online Application

Step 3:

Phone Screen with RTL Co-Founder & CEO'

Step 2:

Phone Screen with RTL Business Analyst'

Step 4: 5-minute pitch to 40 - 50 program partners and sponsors with 10 minutes of live Q&A'

Partnership Network

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