RevTech Labs Foundation.

Elevating the Southeast

Formed in 2020, this 501(c)3 builds on the work and network of RevTech Labs to further the mission of elevating Charlotte as the hub for world-class tech entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Roadmap to Impact

Disrupt the diversity gap across the fintech, insurtech and healthtech industries. 

Create the next generations of leaders. 

Empower tech entrepreneurs across any industry in our own backyard.

Packard Place 

Purchased in 2010, Packard Place became Charlotte's first uptown entrepreneurship center and campus. 

Packard Place paved the way for the tremendous growth of locally owned co-working across the community and proved the viability of co-working in Charlotte for national firms like WeWork, Novel, Industries and several others.

The Garage@PackardPlace was the first space in uptown Charlotte dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and holding community events. Over the course of 11 years, we've hosted 3,000 community events and poured estimated 40,000 pints of beer.


Packard Place’s goal was to bring Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Community to Uptown Charlotte. We wanted to change the trajectory and visibility of entrepreneurship in Charlotte, and by doing that, change the course of Charlotte forever. We helped everyone in the traditional power structure of Charlotte see that entrepreneurship was not only a viable economic opportunity, it was actually essential to Charlotte’s future.

In 2021, Dan and Sara Roselli sold a majority of their ownership stake in Packard Place to NorthPond. With the sale of Packard Place, it is RevTech Labs Foundation's focus to pick up where Packard Place left off and with a broader, national focus. 

We believe that Charlotte will become one the world’s great centers for venture capital work to marry what we already have in growth capital status.  Our mission on raising the voice on social entrepreneurship and inclusion of our entire community will continue.  We’ve made progress but we aren’t there yet. Lastly, we think new initiatives will be major drivers of economic growth for the region for years and decades to come