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Our Toolbox.

Increasing the Probability of Success

Not only does RevTech Labs cover the full gambit of the entrepreneurial journey, we also strive to provide each of our startups with the tools for scalability and growth. It doesn't matter if your company is B2B, B2C, or even B2B2C – we have something in our toolbox for you.

Alpha Labs

Alpha Labs is a new program by RevTech Labs, launching in April 2020. During this program, we connect our Alumni Founders with people who belong to their respective target markets to test their platforms and provide feedback from a user’s perspective. In addition, we will also be connecting them with accomplished, high-performing professionals in UI/UX and other technical fields as well as those in various functional roles that match their overarching industry focus – including financial services, accounting,
consulting, and more.

Founders Build Valuable Products

All the products you’ll see are not only already on the market, but are also focused on providing a positive user experience.

Less Than One Hour A Week

For four weeks, you will have the opportunity to test these products and share your ideas with the founders.

You Have Invaluable Insight

These founders are looking to learn how to improve their overall user experience. This
is the kind of insight only you can provide.

Be Part of Something New + Exciting

This is an opportunity to take a step outside your day-to-day role and add something of
value to a growing startup.

How it Works




Attend Launch Event

Join us at our next Launch Event, listen to their pitch, visit their
virtual booth, and talk to the Founders 1:1 all on one platform.

Select Product

After hearing all of the pitches and checking out all of the demos, select the product that most interests you.

Try It Out

After choosing your product, test it out for 4 weeks (averaging 1
hour/week) and then we'll gather to share your ideas!

Discovery Labs

Discovery Labs is RevTech Lab's answer to innovative management and technical consulting firms looking for new services to offer their clients. Here you will get a chance to partner with our startups and offer their solutions in your dealings with current and prospective clients

if you're a consulting firm and are interested in learning more about the participating startups and their solutions, contact us today!