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Fintech Acclerator

Growth + Success for Founders

Our accelerator program works with post revenue, post growth fintechs and insurtechs from around the world, providing Founders with a customized 12-week roadmap based on their unique goals and objectives. 

Program Perks

Program Timeline

Our Commitment to Diversity

As one of the few majority female and Latina owned entrepreneurship centers and accelerators in the country we prioritize supporting and elevating traditionally underrepresented Founders. We define innovation as the pathway to bettering our communities, our businesses and our livelihoods. True innovation can only occur when diversity of thought and perspective are a part of the process. We believe that the entrepreneurs coming through our accelerator should mirror the diversity in the communities that their innovations will impact. That is why we are devoted to empowering and increasing diversity within the fintech and insurtech industry. Over 53% of our startups are Founders of color or female Founders. 

What We're Looking For

Download our 1-pager to see the profile of the types of startups we're looking for, what we like to see in their decks and how we evaluate them during the screening process. 

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