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Fintech Acclerator

Growth + Success for Founders

Our accelerator program works with post revenue, post growth fintechs and insurtechs from around the world, providing Founders with a customized 12-week roadmap based on their unique goals and objectives. 

Program Perks

Program Timeline

  • What does the program curriculum consist of?
    Prior to the start of the program, Founders work with their the RTL Program Team to build their customized roadmap as well as getting onboarded to their Class Calendar. Their roadmap consists of 2 - 3 of their long-term business objectives and then 3 micro-goals they'll be focusing on through the duration of the program. The Founders will work with their Advisory Board and mentors on these micro-goals. In addition to working through micro goals, we offer our Founders optional sessions with our Executives in Residence and other SME mentors, these sessions are based on their unique area of expertise - these are also great sessions for anyone on the Founder's team. At the mid-point of the program we take our Founders to a new city to participate in events and a private RTL event in an effort to expand their network and connections in a new market.
  • How am I connected to my mentors and advisors?
    During week 1 of the program our Founders do a 2-minute pitch to a live audience. Their pitch provides a 60-second overview of their company and then a look at their micro-goals for the next 12 weeks. The pitches are followed by ample networking time for our mentors and advisors to talk to the Founders and dig a little deeper. At the close of the event the mentors and advisors complete a short survey to sign up to work with one of our companies and what strategic objective they're most aligned to help with. The RTL team aggregates all those results to build each Founder's mentor database and advisory board.
  • What kind of companies are accepted into the accelerator?
    We primarily work with fintech and insurtech startups from around the globe. Ideally, the startup is post revenue and has a developed MVP, but we work with startups at various stages.
  • How many companies are in each cohort?
    Each cohort ranges from 13 - 15 companies.
  • Do I have to be based in the U.S. in order to be accepted into the program?
    We accept companies from all over the globe. However, if you are based outside the U.S. you do have to show interest in expanding into the U.S. marketplace and have enough traction in your current market to make that expansion viable.
  • What is the length of the program?
    Our program is 12 weeks, with 2 - 3 weeks of prep work before the kickoff of the program.
  • How do the Advisory Boards work?
    Advisory Board times are pre-set by the RevTech Labs team. We build the calendar invites for each of the companies. RevTech Labs will connect each Founder with a strategic Advisor Chair as well as a broader advisory board and mentor database. Each Founder is provided with sample agendas for their Board Meetings and recommendations on how to engage with their advisors and mentors. The week before Advisory Boards, Founders will connect 1:1 with their Chair to set the agenda and send out to the rest of the Board.
  • Does the program require me to be in person?
    This is a hybrid program, requiring Founders to come into Charlotte twice - once at week 1 of the program and again at the end of the program. Founders will also come together in person in the middle of the program for a roadshow organized by the RTL Program Team and their key partners. Outside of those 3 weeks, the remainder of the program is virtual.

Our Commitment to Diversity

As one of the few majority female and Latina owned entrepreneurship centers and accelerators in the country we prioritize supporting and elevating traditionally underrepresented Founders. We define innovation as the pathway to bettering our communities, our businesses and our livelihoods. True innovation can only occur when diversity of thought and perspective are a part of the process. We believe that the entrepreneurs coming through our accelerator should mirror the diversity in the communities that their innovations will impact. That is why we are devoted to empowering and increasing diversity within the fintech and insurtech industry. Over 53% of our startups are Founders of color or female Founders. 

What We're Looking For

Download our 1-pager to see the profile of the types of startups we're looking for, what we like to see in their decks and how we evaluate them during the screening process. 

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