To leverage tech entrepreneurship to disrupt, and advance social and economic change.


To create the ultimate roadmap for startup growth and success by building a global community of industry leaders, subject matter experts and investors that can support Founders at any given stage of their journey

Guiding Principles

Supporting the Journey

Providing the resources and relationships necessary to foster growth and drive innovation for every entrepreneur at any stage.


Building Community

Building up the tech ecosystem with an international platform for disseminating ideas and facilitating collaboration.

Igniting Innovation 

Helping Founders and corporations alike, prioritize and cultivate innovation for continual success.


Prioritizing Diversity 

Recognizing that diversity in thought and background are the true catalysts to success and innovation, and ensuring that diversity is reflected within our company and all the work we do.



Purchased Packard Place in Uptown Charlotte creating one of the country's first entrepreneurship center and campus.

RevTech Labs launched out of Packard Place in 2012 with a focus on accelerating general tech entrepreneurship in the city of Charlotte. 



By 2015, we pivoted to Queen City Fintech with a singular focus on the fintech industry. With the rapid success of this pivot, we exclusively used the QCFintech brand to talk about our work.


In 2019 we were hired by IBM to launch and run their global Hyperprotect Accelerator program targeting global fintech and healthtech startups. That launch coincided with the launch of our RevTech Labs Healthtech program which produced the first ever Healthtech Summit and Healthtech Demo Day in Charlotte in November 2019.

Also in 2019, we launched RTL Insurtech to increase our emphasis and focus on the insurance innovation space. While we have always considered insurtech part of our QCFintech world, this allows us to do a more focused call for applications and has allowed us to bring on new mentors and partners from some of the world's leading insurers.

With the launch of these new programs and our venture into new verticals came the need to pivot back to RevTech Labs as the umbrella brand recognizing all our work across verticals, and reflecting our work from early stage to growth stage. RevTech Labs also encompasses our events arm which includes our annual marquee events: Fintech Generations, Health Innovation Summit Venture 135 and Charlotte Startup Awards.