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Our History 

Our companies Co-Founders, Sara Garces Roselli and Dan Roselli, have been at the forefront of Charlotte's burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem and venture capital scene since 2011, helping put the Queen City on the map for technology and VC funding. Check out our full evolution below! 



Packard Place

One of the first co-working spaces in the city of Charlotte. Packard Places’ mission has always been to “Put Charlotte First” and is one of the most successful social entrepreneurship projects in Charlotte’s history. We have partnered with dozens of community groups to weave our community together and directly helped launch many of the companies that are now the pillars of our growing community. Building a center that was Founded by Charlotte entrepreneurs for fellow entrepreneurs is a large part of why Packard Place’s community vision works.  Most of Packard Place’s efforts have come idea soured by the Community, or as Dan’s says “Packard Place is just a really large Community crowd sourced project”.


RevTech Labs

RevTech Labs launched out of Packard Place in 2012 with a focus on accelerating general tech entrepreneurship in the city of Charlotte. 



Queen City Fintech

By 2015, we pivoted to Queen City Fintech with a singular focus on the fintech industry. With the rapid success of this pivot, we exclusively used the QCFintech brand to talk about our work.


RevTech Labs Capital (CFV)

CFV Ventures is the venture arm of RevTech Labs. Founded in 2017, CFV Ventures is a $10MM Seed and Series A fund based in Charlotte. CFV invests in each accelerator company that comes through one of RevTech Labs many programs and provides a source of potential follow-on capital. They make a few investments each year outside of the RTL program looking specifically at Series A technology startups in the financial, insurance and healthcare verticals.

IBM Hyperprotect


HyperProtect Accelerator

In 2019 we were hired by IBM to launch and run their global Hyperprotect Accelerator program targeting global fintech and healthtech startups. That launch coincided with the launch of our RevTech Labs Healthtech program which produced the first ever Healthtech Summit and Healthtech Demo Day in Charlotte in November 2019.


RevTech Labs Foundation

Created a 501(c)3 to create a community asset for the city of Charlotte that's focused on supporting high-growth startups, building up the venture and entrepreneurial ecosystem locally and disrupts the diversity gap globally. With the launch of the 501(c)3 we made the strategic decision to move our Accelerator Program under this non-profit. 

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