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RevTech Labs Class 19 MENTOR MATCHING


Redkik Inc

DigsFact uses AI & computer vision to speed up and simplify the estimation phase of property claims, remodeling, repair & installation projects

Rehicle Auto Parts

Rehicle Auto Parts started focusing on Auto Parts Consignment, and now brings the ability to appraise a vehicle in its sum in parts to Automotive businesses and Insurance Providers. The Rehicle Inner Track App, or RITA, is a market data scouring platform that brings a mobile-first experience for end users, and by extension its API capabilities for larger Enterprises.


TidalWave is the world’s first self-service, end-to-end, AI-guided mortgage engine for lenders, banks & credit unions.


Financial infrastructure for international freelancers. Crema helps freelancers get paid, worldwide, and access financial products to grow their business.


FutureMoney is a platform that makes it easier for every family to start investing today to help and empower parents to take control of their finances and build wealth for generations to come.

Suma Wealth

Suma Wealth is the leading all in one fintech platform for young U.S. Latinos. Providing financial tools and education for a cohort that represents a $182B opportunity.

Engineering the Risk out of Supply Chain

Bubble Insurance Solutions

Bubble makes insurance shopping smart and easy. By embedding insurance seamlessly into real estate flows, Bubble helps home buyers and owners easily shop and secure the best-fit insurance policies. In turn, Bubble’s turnkey agency-in-a-box enables real estate companies to streamline and monetize insurance.


Pinata is a renter super amenity, a loyalty rewards program with built in credit boosting features. We put more back into renters pockets and impact a landlords bottom line with reduced delinquency, increased on-time payments and improved renter satisfaction.


Cyvatar is a technology-enabled Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) provider for the underserved SMB market, disrupting a $150 billion industry by introducing and delivering smarter measurable managed security subscriptions to help you achieve compliance, attain cyber insurance, and secure your business faster and more efficiently.

Cheese Financial Inc

Cheese Financial Inc. is dedicated to helping people build credit and grow savings with simple and automated solutions. We believe that the chance of getting great credit and achieving life goals belongs to everyone.


Like turning a messy keyring into a single master key: Get a clear view of software costs and easily manage who uses what, all in one place — no need to jump between platforms.


Kredete is a B2B SAAS digital lending platform that provides an all-in-one credit infrastructure that streamlines the entire lending process for lenders, covering loan application, AI decisioning, disbursement, and repayment/collection, offering a comprehensive solution designed specifically for lenders in Africa.

Home Lending Pal

Home Lending Pal is an intelligent marketplace that allows potential home buyers (specifically underserved individuals) the opportunity to explore the possibility of home ownership via our website while offering its clients (lenders) product, features and customers that allow them to be CRA compliant

Vero Technologies

Vero partners with banks to provide inventory financing for dealers of manufactured goods. Vero's technology and services platform enables their partners to expand relationships with existing customers, or attract new dealer clients.

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