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Charlotte venture capital firm named top for fintech companies | 'A critical positive step for the region'

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

Feb 2, 2023

Charlotte fintech venture capital firm RevTech Labs Capital (CFV) has been named the top venture capital firm for fintech companies in the United States.

Charlotte fintech venture capital firm RevTech Labs Capital (CFV) has been named the top venture capital firm for fintech companies in the United States.

Startup Savant ranked the top 25 venture capital firms for fintech companies. Startup Savant cited the company’s commitment to its accelerator program and leadership training model as key reasons for the number one ranking. Notable portfolio companies included Catapult, Edquity, and LandTech. 

“Amazing news … and feels like the culmination of over 10 years of work from dozens of dedicated teammates, dozens of investors who believed in us, and hundreds of community members, sponsors, and corporate partners,” CFV Co-Founder Dan Roselli wrote on LinkedIn.

Fintech is continuously cited as one of the fastest growing sub-industries in the world. The Charlotte Region's strength as a financial services hub and fintech’s meteoric rise represent a unique opportunity in the region. In 2022 the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance® published an article speaking directly to this opportunity. Among its key findings, the paper stated that venture capital was an important area of opportunity for the Charlotte Region’s fintech journey.  

Venture capital dollars have routinely been associated with larger markets out of California, New York, and Massachusetts. However, recent work done by Revolution and PitchBook revealed that investor interest was moving towards “rising cities.” An examination of investors based in New York suggests that many venture capital dollars are going to many mid-sized and smaller markets that comprise “rising cities.”

Some New York based investors have put their venture capital dollars towards the Charlotte market, according to PitchBook. However, the region’s competitors, including Raleigh, Atlanta, and Austin, have seen far more VC dollars in the past decade. The more capital that is invested, the better for entrepreneurs everywhere. Startups will naturally gravitate towards areas with funding, so the region needs to increase its sources of venture capital. Increasing venture capital fundings will draw in more innovators and startups, which will in turn, draw in more talent.

This recent recognition of RevTech Labs Capital (CFV) represents a critical positive step for the Charlotte Region in its journey to becoming a top fintech market in the United States and beyond. The hard-earned recognition that RevTech Labs has received displays the potential of the region. Firms pushing the envelope will contribute to more recognition, more venture capital dollars, and can lead to the Charlotte Region becoming a thriving fintech hub.  

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