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Fintech Insurtech Generations 2023: The Premier Tech Event in the SouthEast

Marcia Klingensmith

Jun 18, 2023

Charlotte, NC - Last week, the annual Fintech Insurtech Generations 2023 (#FIG23) conference took place, solidifying its position as the leading technology event in the SouthEast.

Charlotte, NC - Last week, the annual Fintech Insurtech Generations 2023 (#FIG23) conference took place, solidifying its position as the leading technology event in the SouthEast. The conference attracted professionals from various industries and covered a diverse range of topics impacting the financial and insurance sectors today. As a first-time participant, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and content of the sessions, which rival those found at prominent events like Money2020.

One of the standout features of #FIG23 was the intimate setting, allowing attendees to make meaningful connections and engage in deeper conversations that are often difficult at larger events held in bustling cities like Las Vegas. The venue's atmosphere fostered an environment conducive to networking and knowledge-sharing.

The conference addressed a wide array of subjects within the Fintech space, ranging from pressing issues such as disruption, fraud prevention, and security enhancements to forward-thinking themes like Fintech's role in social good, digital banking experiences through banking-as-a-service, and embedded finance. Moreover, sessions also delved into topics at the forefront of innovation, providing insights into cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence, in the finance industry.

The event drew people from different areas and industries across the SouthEast. Christian Kümmerle, PhD a professor at the college of Computing and Informatics at The University of North Carolina came to “learn about the problems and challenges facing fintechs, and to better understand the opportunities to improve the payment systems”.  

Since its inception in 2017, #FIG has experienced consistent growth. The event's founders, Dan Roselli, founder of Packard Place, and Aubrey Hawes, founder of Finsiders, initially met at a Next Banking event. They decided to establish "Next Money Charlotte" but soon realized their vision was larger than merely establishing Charlotte as a Fintech hub. Their aspiration was to showcase the entrepreneurship and innovation thriving in the SouthEast ecosystem and provide startups and junior executives with access to events spanning digital banking, insuretech, and healthtech. Thus, the Fintech Insurtech Generations event was born.

The success of #FIG23 was palpable, with participants raving about the energy and engagement throughout the conference. Sarah Wagner, a recent communications graduate and newcomer to Charlotte, commended the event's welcoming atmosphere, stating, "As a first-time conference-goer, I felt very welcome. I made some good connections and gained significant value from this experience." Frank Holt, a mentor for the RevTech Labs accelerator program, described the event as "well-organized and fun."  Elizabeth Coluby of Coluby Consulting  indicated that “Sessions like blockchain to Gen Z were inspirational, insightful, and educational; many of these attendees are on the verge of impacting and improving the world.”

Sessions on Insurance shed light on the evolving landscape and potential to revolutionize the industry. Traditionally lagging in terms of technology, insurance providers were compelled by the COVID-19 pandemic to embrace digital transformation and innovation. As a result, insurance providers are increasingly looking to successful fintech companies as a model for their offerings. The convergence of Fintech and Insurtech appears imminent.

Nedra Barr and David Brezik, industry veterans with decades of experience in insurance, took the stage at #FIG23 to announce the upcoming July launch of OnboardXI. It will revolutionize the insurance customer onboarding experience by connecting the front-end agent experience to the back-end underwriting and setup processes for a more holistic streamlined digital experience.

Throughout the conference, themes of simplicity, innovation, and transparency resonated strongly. Industry leaders emphasized the importance of staying focused, solving customers' problems, and delivering intuitive user experiences. From Mike Butler, CEO of Grasshopper, to Brandon Krieg of Stash and Jeff Hughes, CTO of Brighthouse, the message was clear: Building simpler products and having a good decision making process is driving success in the evolving Fintech and Insurtech landscape.

A notable highlight was the "Human Element" story shared by Brian Pasalich, CEO of Syntoniq, and Sameer Munshi, Behavioral Science specialist at EY. Drawing parallels between customers who don’t really understand their own needs and drivers to riders on an elephant, they emphasized the need to understand customers' behavioral patterns and provide them with simple, tailored experiences at each stage of their journey.

As the Fintech Insurtech Generations event concluded, it left participants inspired and eager to leverage the insights gained to drive innovation and positive change in their respective organizations. The conference's growth since its inception in 2017 is a testament to its value in the SouthEast tech community, attracting attendees from various industries and fostering connections among like-minded professionals.

Looking forward, the future of Fintech and Insurtech in the SouthEast seems promising. With events like #FIG23 paving the way for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and technological advancements, the region's ecosystem continues to thrive. As the lines between finance and insurance blur, the convergence of these sectors is on the horizon, creating new opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs, startups, and established players alike.

Fintech Insurtech Generations 2023 has undoubtedly solidified its position as the premier tech event in the SouthEast. Its success can be attributed to the visionary founders, dedicated organizers, and enthusiastic participants who have come together to showcase the region's innovation and entrepreneurship. As the conference continues to grow and evolve, we can expect it to shape the future of Fintech and Insurtech, driving progress and fostering collaboration in the SouthEast and beyond.

About the writer

Marcia, CEO of FinTech Consulting is an emerging payments thought leader with over 15 years of experience in the financial services and payments industry, and 5+ years in fraud and identity. She has led global cross-functional teams to build and deliver secure products and solutions. Marcia has worked at industry leaders such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Visa, FIS Global, and LexisNexis Risk Solutions. She excels in creating a vision, connecting people to ideas, and bringing game-changing solutions to  market.

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