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Mentors + EIRS

Join our group of incredible mentors + EIRS to get involved and help us better support our startups.


Mentor vs. Advisor

Mentors Commitments:

  • Meet 1:1 with founders (virtually)

  • Founder and Mentor responsibility to set those times up

  • Meetings are set to align with the mentors subject matter expertise (narrowly focused on 1 sprint)

Advisor Commitments:

  • Attend 3 pre-set advisory board meetings that RevTech Labs will set up and coordinate for you (virtually)

  • You are helping more broadly with the companies OKRs and more broadly with their sprints

  • First meeting is 90 minutes; 2nd and 3rd are 60 minutes

Mentorship Overview

  • Show up and dive in! Attend the advisory board meetings and/or an 1:1s you set up with the Founders. Participate in RTL events (i.e. Mentor Matching, Welcoming Party)

  • This is a volunteer role, NOT a way for you as a mentor to solicit their business.  The founder controls that door.  IF they ask you for a proposal for services, that is ok.

  • Honest, direct and professional feedback is critical; many times your industry knowledge is an area that our founders are not particularly familiar with or need more insights into

  • Respond as promptly as possible.  

  • Make connections as you feel comfortable doing so.  If you make a connection, please remain in the communication loop until a call or meeting has been set-up

  • Always communicate with RTL team openly + honestly about Founder performance and behavior during the program. Also alert the RTL Program Manager if you are having any issues with founder responsiveness, attitude, follow up, or any other issues.

Outstanding Mentor Award Winners

EIR Overview

An Executive in Residence is a seasoned executive and subject-matter expert who generously shares their wealth of experience and profound expertise with our startup founders. Through a combination of comprehensive group sessions and tailored one-on-one interactions, these executives provide invaluable guidance, imparting both broad insights and personalized advice to empower our startup community.

Meet The EIRS

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