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The End of Innovation Theater

In an era where innovation theater often obscures meaningful progress, we bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and disruptors to delve deep into the real innovations shaping the future of finance and insurance.


Generations is your passport to an authentic exploration of the fintech and insurtech landscape. Join us to uncover the innovations that truly matter and set the course for a future built on trust, integrity, and cutting-edge technology.

This year's Fintech + Insurtech Generations is exclusively in-person at the Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City on June 12 and 13. 

Why Attend? 

Generations 2023 Rewind

RevTech Labs Class 18 Demo Day

Dead Banker's Society: The Great Block Chain Debate

Wake and Bank: Fireside Chat with Artie Minson, President & CEO of LeafLink

Who Attends Generations?

Get an overview of historical attendee demographics for Fintech + Insurtech Generations. 

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