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RevTech Labs Class 20

1. Watch the 2-minute pitches from Class 20's Mentor Matching Event

2. Select the companies pitch deck image to get be directed to that company's Babele page

NOTE: Do not comment on their sprints, you must schedule time with the Founder in order to get connected as a mentor or advisor. 

If you do not have a Babele account you will not have access to these pages, please connect with Kasie Jackson asap to get the join link

3. Select one of the company's mentorship sprints OR advisory board seats to schedule 1:1 time with the Founder

NOTE: Do not opt into more than 2 - 3 roles 

Acceleron Bank

Empowering small business via the banks that service them.


Cios is developing a new category of risk management product called Lease Flexibility Coverage to eliminate financial barriers that prevent renters from relocating

Screenshot (89).png

Perl Street

Perl Street is the FinOps software for growing distributed energy and physical infrastructure companies. It reduces $100K per $1M Operating Expenses.

Screenshot (56).png


Democratizing wealth & AI investing tools for everyday investors world wide.

Screenshot (92).png

Credit Mountain

Fintech SAAS that allows lenders to offer declined borrowers a path to approval 

Screenshot (98).png
Screenshot (78).png


Automate your startup’s raise. One link. No lawyer.

Screenshot (60).png


Streetbeat is an AI-driven investment platform that empowers people to make informed investing decisions.

Screenshot (79).png


AI-powered Insights for Wealth, Asset Management and Insurance

Screenshot (61).png

Beta Financial Services

Digital banking platform and credit scoring engine designed for SMBs and to reduce bias in lending.

Screenshot (82).png

Cranberry Payments

Cranberry Payments protects a merchant's payments from chargebacks by using AI to (i) automate chargeback disputes and (ii) quantifiy a cardholder's risk for a potential chargeback claim at the point of sale.

Screenshot (68).png

Carousel Technology Inc

Reduce Mortgage Denials and Foster Collaboration in the Home Buying Space

Screenshot (63).png

Bridge ( a Foro company)

SMB Lending Marketplace

Screenshot (85).png
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