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RevTech Labs Class 19 Fall cohort



DigsFact uses AI & computer vision to speed up and simplify the estimation phase of property claims

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Rehicle Auto Parts

Used Auto Parts Data and Consignment

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Redkik Inc

Embedded SaaS solution enabling instant insurance transactions and management

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Bubble Insurance Solutions

Turnkey, embedded insurance agency-in-a-box for real estate companies to streamline and monetize insurance

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Capital Markets & Emerging Tech


TidalWave is on a mission to build a ​consumer friendly ​self-serving loan origination platform,​ ​facilitated by GPT powered conversation, ​enable lending at an elastic scale without humans. TidalWave is not just another loan origination platform. It's a game-changer that leverages the power of AI, based on large language model, along with our proprietary mortgage engine enhanced by machine learning to revolutionize the lending industry.

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Financial infrastructure for international freelancers

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Pinata is a rent fintech platform, rewarding renters and impacting the bottom line for landlords.

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Passcode: one23
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Your outsourced cybersecurity partner for SMBs Startups and supply chains

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Wealth Management & Personal Finance


Providing generational wealth accounts to reduce the barriers to upward mobility for low and middle income families

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Suma Wealth

Suma is an all-in-one financial platform that delivers in-culture personalized education, AI coaching, and money management tools, with a data and community-driven approach aimed at closing the wealth gap in the Latino community.

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Cheese Financial Inc

Cheese aims to automate credit building for the 45M people in the U.S. with little to no credit.

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Talisman is the fastest & most simple way for small and midsized companies to audit and optimize their software subscriptions

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Kredete is a digital end-to-end lending marketplace, enabling Africans to access credit products tailored to their needs

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Home Lending Pal

Home Lending Pal is revolutionizing access to home buying for underserved communities while safeguarding privacy. Our innovative approach gathers crucial information, such as income, race, and location, without disclosing it to the bank upfront.

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Vero Technologies

Vero partners with banks and credit unions to offer wholesale financing for dealers of manufactured goods

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