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RevTech Labs Class 20 Selection day

Insurtech Committee Room



Month-to-month flexibility coverage for renters

Empowering retirement income in the 401k.

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RiskMind AI

Insurance AI co-pilot & data management solution for insurers & brokers

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We're building AI-driven embedded insurance infrastructure to integrate insurance products seamlessly into the consumer purchase journey.

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We are the first to finance the $8-10B Veterans spend every Year on closing costs through VA home loans while using their VA mortgage benefit.

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SOA Labs (HomeIQ)

myhomeIQ is helping Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers cultivate clients for life by educating homeowners on ways to build wealth with their homes and connecting homeowners to home service professionals.

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Fusion provides smarter insurance policies at lower cost using AI supported underwriting and loss mitigation.

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European Space Agency funded InsurTech provided Natural Catastrophe and Climate Modelling Software.

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Acceleron Bank

Empowering small business via the banks that service them.

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Capital Markets & Emerging Tech


Business Decision Making; Automated for You

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We streamline due diligence for both straightforward and complex transactions and everyday operations.

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Remynt is a debt recovery company that enables creditors to recover revenue from non-performing delinquencies while enabling consumers to rebuild their credit by repaying delinquent debt through a credit reaffirmation product.

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Zoya is a mobile app that helps Muslims invest in line with their faith-based values.

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Autonomous AI agents augmenting customer support teams

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We pre qualify any credit, regardless of credit history instantly with every bank in Canada

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Perl Street

Perl Street is the FinOps software for growing distributed energy and physical infrastructure companies. It reduces $100K per $1M Operating Expenses.

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Odynn is a truly independent AI/ML award optimization platform.

Salem Cyber

Salem is an AI decision intelligence platform that investigates cyber alerts to surface the few that require human attention

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The world's first global account-to-account payment network

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Tennis Finance

A platform to help financial Institutions use LLMs to automate compliance workflows launch 10x faster

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Wealth Management & Personal Finance


Parachute has developed a financial well-being product & platform to help millions of consumers stuck with high-interest debt from predatory lenders, that is making them financially un-well.

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AI-powered Insights for Wealth, Asset Management and Insurance

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Democratizing wealth & AI investing tools for everyday investors world wide.

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Neobank for global remote workers

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Credit Mountain

Fintech SaaS that allows lenders to offer declined borrowers a path to approval

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Automate your startup’s raise. One link. No lawyer.

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Raise Financial 

On a mission to help millennials and GenZ invest more effectively with its family of products.

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Streetbeat is an AI-driven investment platform that empowers people to make informed investing decisions.

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Powerful client forms and workflows for financial services

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Bolder Money

Chat-based financial coaching, addressing the emotional side of money.

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Applying synthetic data to generate macro-resilient credit scores for the un/underbanked

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Carousel Technology Inc

Reduce Mortgage Denials and Foster Collaboration in the Home Buying Space

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Cranberry Payments

Cranberry Payments protects a merchant's payments from chargebacks by using AI to (i) automate chargeback disputes and (ii) quantifiy a cardholder's risk for a potential chargeback claim at the point of sale.

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SMB Lending Marketplace

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Photon Commerce

Instant, intelligent, integrated billing and bill pay

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Parlay Protocol Inc.

Preorigination loan platform that helps financial institutions qualify, attract, and convert small business borrowers.

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Foresight is a robust platform built for small business lenders. 

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Beta Financial Services

Digital banking platform and credit scoring engine designed for SMBs and to reduce bias in lending.

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AngelList for Commercial Real Estate

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We help industrial machinery wholesalers empowering them by real-time customer insights and product financing to sell more.

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