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Managing Director
Managing Director
Strategic Resource Management

As a seasoned expert specializing in building opportunities within the payments industry, I have delivered over $1.5 billion in revenue growth and cost savings across a diverse range of organizations. Often referred to as a "payments nerd," my career has spanned top-tier banks, payment networks and payments processers where I've led multiple domains including strategy, innovation, product management, technology, and sales.

Currently, I hold the position of Managing Director for Commercial Payments at SRM, an independent advisory firm focused on contract negotiation, vendor sourcing, and payments strategy. In this capacity, I am poised help Financial Institutions and Businesses unlock new revenue streams and efficiencies through engagements to monetize instant payments, modernize TM platforms, and refresh commercial credit card and merchant acquiring solutions. Outside of my day job, I am actively engaged in the instant payments industry, speaking at conferences, webinars, and podcasts and serving in leadership and participatory roles with leading payments organizations including: The Clearing House, FedNow, PayCLT, and the US Faster Payments Council.

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